1. Welcome to Studio Cal...
    Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies for many years. During that timespan my passion for shootin' snapshots has grown to a point where I believe I can now offer a valuable service and perhaps make a little money to offset my expenses. I plan to photograph local events such as: organized motorcycle rides, live music performances, motorsports events, and sometimes custom cars and motorcycles. While attending the events I'll hand out cards and inform people that photos are being taken and will be posted on this website. Prints of those images will then be available for purchase. After being nicely framed they can be proudly displayed on the walls of your home, office, shop, cabin, tent or RV... I am not trying to get rich doing this and will not charge professional prices. This is just one of my hobbies. I'll keep my day job.
    So, I've just recently began building this here website. It is not yet even close to completion but will get bigger and better soon. And of course, new material will be added often. So keep checking back.
    To navigate through the website move your mouse pointer to the top or bottom of the page and click on the links. Use the left/right arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the images. Click on any image to make it bigger. Click on it again and stand back, it gets bigger yet! Check out the full screen view by clicking on "slideshow" Get out of slideshow mode by hitting your escape key.
    Some of the images here are "straight out of camera" and some have been edited and\or cropped. If you see one you kinda like, contact me via e-mail at the "contact" link above and I can custom edit the image into something you kinda love... It's amazing what Adobe Photoshop image editing software is capable of...And of course, the "studio cal" watermark shown on the images would not be visible on any prints you might order...
    All orders come with a complete satisfaction guarantee... If the print doesn't look like the image shown on screen, I will fix it and replace it or, if you prefer, offer a complete refund.
    So don't worry! Be happy... Enjoy!